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After +12 years in the education and communication industries, today I help businesses to communicate their products, services and ideas in such a way their ideal client feels attracted to them. Having completed a specialization in entrepreneurship and innovation at Sydney Startup Hub, in 2019 I set out on a journey to explore this incredible world of innovation. Worked as an educator, community builder, workshop facilitator, copywriter and for the past 3 years, as a storytelling consultant. Brazil, Australia, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand and South-East Asia were the places where I had the privilege to live and work while using my own lifestyle as a ground for experimentation and continuous learning. I consider myself a thinker, a writer, a storyteller, and a strategic business designer. It's worth highlighting that I have a deep interest in people. So, regardless of my position and job responsibilities, I've always been interested in people. In understanding why we do what we do, what are our motivations and desires. And this has helped me tremendously throughout my life and career. That’s who I am professionally speaking. On a personal note, I love reading, (📚I'm an avid reader), I also enjoy learning about different cultures, languages and listening to people's stories. These days, on my free time, I can be seen at a bookshop or at a coffee shop in Lisbon, sipping some good coffee or a glass of wine with a friend while having enjoyable conversations. In case you are looking for someone with my set of skills and mindset to team up with 👉 contact@brainstormyourideas.com.au

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Savio Meireles – Founder’s Story

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