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Start earning money with your spaces (home, coworking, etc.)

It’s free to register your property or service at as it is.

There is no payment gateway in this version.

If you are registering your accommodation please follow the instructions below, if you want to register and list other types of services, please contact us at and we will kindly assist you with everything.

The homeowner must charge their customers on the day of arrival, the payment gateway will be activated in the future.

As it stands, no sales commission are charged, the service is completely free, if it changes, the host will be notified ahead of time.


Why choose a

Listing your space is very simple, you register a user, login to our dashboard and add your listing, the process is very intuitive and we here to help.

Cheaper way to rent spaces

No registration fees are charged, there is also no commissions for the time being, for neither the host or the guest. Our main focus is to create a marketplace to help remote workers and digital nomads travel while at the same time promoting the future of work.

How do I become a host on

Register and login

Your start by creating an account and logging in.

  1. Click on “Become a Host” buttonon the top right corner of the page.
  2. Fill-in all the required fields and click “Register”.

Create a new listing

  1. You start by logging in to the system by clicking on login at the top right
  2. Fill in your username/email and password and click “Log in”
  3. When you have successfully logged in to your account you will see your username on the upper right corner of the webpage. Place the mouse over the username and you will get a drop-down menu like this:

Select “Dashboard”

  1. You will then see the dashboard options on the left
  2. Select “Add New Listing” and from now on it will take you through a intuitive wizard step by step.

Add New Listing

It should now display the following options in the drop-down:

Per Night If you want to rent out the space daily and is rented out for a minimum of 1 night or more.

Per Week If you want to rent out on a weekly basis, ex. Minimum 1 week and counted in weeks.

Per Month If you want to rent out monthly, ex. Minimum 1 month and counted in months.

Per Hour This option is well suited for ex. Meeting rooms, where you are renting out for an hour at a time.

After selecting one of the options above the next wizard form is called Information,

Here you need to fill in diversified information about the listing such as:

What kind of place do you want to list?

Entire Place For ex. an entire apartment or house.

Private Room For ex. a private bedroom in a hotel or a private bedroom in an apartment, with access to a common kitchen and toilet.

Shared Room A room that is share with other people or a shared space within a coworking space.

Fill-in the “Title” and “Description” of the listing.

Select the “Type of listing”, like for example Apartment, House, Coworking space, etc

Complete the rest of the fields that you deem relevant to the listing. We strongly recommend configuring the “Internet Speed” field. You can use speed test while connected to the Wi-Fi to evaluate the average speed.

Then to continue click the button “Continue” at the bottom right.

The next wizard forms are:



Here you configure the sale price, extra services, and additional costs.


Here you upload photos of the space, we recommend uploading good quality photos.



Here you can configure amenities, and facilities.



Here you configure the address of the space.


Terms & Rules

Here you configure your rules such as Minimum and Maximum time of booking, Smoking, Pets, etc.



Here you can configure your calendar, such as making dates unavailable, Sync with another OTA, etc.

When you have completed all the steps

We will review and approve the listing as soon as possible. Congratulations and thank you for choosing


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