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Rua do Comércio, Lisbon, Portugal

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“People are moved by words they read or hear that make them want to go in some direction.”

“Storytelling is the antidote to lack of clarity and distraction, because stories organize information in such a way that people are attracted to listen”

When our communication isn’t clear, our customers don’t fully understand how our product or service can help them solve their problem and succeed.

Thus, our brand is no longer perceived and desired, which directly affects sales.

There are 6 main mistakes brands around the world make and that make it difficult for them to be accepted by their ideal audience.

1. “Propose marriage” on the first date;

2. Talk more about the solution than the result it generates;

3. Suffering from the “curse of knowledge”;

4. Trying to convince others to buy our product/service instead of inviting them to participate in a story;

5. Position the brand as the hero of the story rather than the mentor;

6. Don’t use Storytelling to connect emotionally with ideal clients;

By making 1 or more of these 6 mistakes, brands are diluting and weakening the impact and clarity of their message. And the result is inevitable: customers stop giving relevance to these brands and go in search of other brands, in a process that is gradual, partly conscious and partly unconscious.

But that’s not what we want to happen with your brand. That’s why I came here today to tell you a short story.

After leaving my home country in 2008 and traveling across 4 continents, working in the education and communication sectors in Australia, Spain and Brazil for the last 12 years and also after writing my own book and opening (and collaborating with) several businesses, in addition to being mentored by people with vast life experience, I learned a very valuable lesson: Storytelling is what moves the world.

Sounds like a strong statement, doesn’t it? Perhaps controversial.

But if you’ve watched Yuval Noah Harari’s TEDx – Why Humans Run the World, (which already has over 22 million views on Youtube) you’ll probably agree with me.

Today, I help clients connect emotionally with their ideal audience using the power of Storytelling to generate results. Sustainable results.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about, I invite you to schedule a discovery session with me, so I can answer some of your questions and perhaps even offer further help is needed.


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